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The Richmond Law Firm has substantial experience in many facets comprising the area of business and corporate law, and has assisted a broad array of clients, large and small, in a diverse range of industries, including automotive, dental, physicians, health care management, construction, real estate, technology, food service, and recruiting agencies.

In addition, our advice and counsel is enhanced by an understanding of the implications of litigation. We have seen how business and transactional negotiations or relationships sometimes result in litigation. We have assisted clients with positions of both strength and weakness, manipulate their situation to obtain a desired result. We believe this perspective gained by this experience results in better guidance and counseling for our clients.

The Richmond Law Firm is committed to attaining client goals through pragmatic planning, thoughtful guidance and quality service. Our objective is to forge and continue to develop long-term client relationships and to exceed expectations to bring the results our clients seek to achieve. The Richmond Law Firm employs close client communication and teamwork combined with creative problem solving, effective lawyering and hard work to achieve practical and quality results.

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